Slab Hauler

Slab Hauler

haulmasters 150

Summary of Features:

Power Arrangements: All carriers utilize proven off-highway power train components.

Full Hydraulic, Articulated Steering: For exceptional maneuverability, minimum aisle clearances. Fast alignment for load pick up.

High Capacity Lift Mechanism: Large bore lift cylinders lift heavy loads at minimum operation pressure, pivot pins are alloy heat treated steels mounted in replaceable bushings.

Hydraulic Tong Grapple or Pallet Carriers: Full hydraulic actuation, large bore, high capacity cylinders; tong can handle single slabs and full slab stacks; replaceable lift shoes. Pallet-type lift arrangement is optional.

Custom Designs: Royal can custom build these carriers to handle various wide load widths, heights, lengths, or commodities.

Heavy Main Frame Construction: Full box sections with continuous deep groove welds, 100% back-up strips; heavy rails and side plates.

Dual Facing, Elevated Operator Station: Fully enclosed, heavy-duty structure. Excellent visibility from special cab mount platform. Full line of standard and optional operator convenience and comfort equipment. Hydraulic actuated 180 degrees Swivel Station.

Oil-Immersed Disc Brakes: Each brake has discs and plates cooled by oil for long life; unit is completely sealed and requires no adjustment.

Heavy-Duty Components: Royal uses proven off-highway components in hydraulic cylinders, brakes, wheels, and rear spindles; which have local, single source, worldwide support availability.


Models & Specifications




35 Ton*

80 Ton*

100 Ton*

Capacity 70,000 lbs (31,800 Kg)

Capacity 160,000 lbs (31,800 Kg)

Capacity 200,000 lbs (90,900 Kg)

* Rated capacity as indicated based on unit equipped with slab tong attachments
   and 25 m.p.h.
(40 k / mh) maximum speed.

NOTE: The above models and specifications are for standard machine arrangements only.  Royal can modify or design other arrangements to fit your job requirements.